Let's get loyal customers who will recommend to others in complex!

We are proposing advertisement development that considers secondary advertisement effect by SNS carefully.

The number of users of Instagram in Japan continues to grow steadily year by year.

In 2014, it was 4 million monthly active users (hereinafter referred to as MAU number), but it increased by 5 times in the second half of 2017 to about 20 million.

As of August 2018, it is said that it is over 25 million, it is estimated that it is a matter of time to skip the MAU number on Facebook.

Considering that this is simply one account per person, it is calculated that one out of every four people of the citizen uses Instagram.

Right now it is said that it is more cost effective to install merchandise display and items for instantiation than to print supermarket flyers on rotary presses.

It is realistic that there are overwhelmingly many tourists referring to post photos and reviews of real intention at Expedia etc. rather than a travel brochure that was made artificially and made artificially. I do not use it twice if there is experience that the nice hotels and cuisines seen in the printed brochure are completely different from the picture.

Timeliness and convenience. It is a natural result also from character enlargement function, price / information transparency etc.

It is not certain when we call social-influential SNS as "4 big SNS" (Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Instagram) from when, but in 2014, Facebook and Twitter are two It reigned as SNS, and LINE, Mixi, and possibly Instagram, Youtube, and Google + were included as the mainstream.

The number and popularity of Instagram users increased dramatically since 2015, and there were several opportunities.

Worldwide, as of 2014 Twitter 's MAU number was overtaken, but in Japan it has a high usage rate of Twitter and, together with the "shy Japanese culture" which does not transmit information by itself as much as the West,

There seems to be a feeling that the general user is looking at far-away watching the appearance that some early adapter is stylish and cool.

As the advertisement function was added in May 2015, corporate accounts began to increase gradually.

The number of users increased to around 12 million at the timing of the appearance of iPhone 6s whose camera performance has greatly improved in the fall of the same year.

As a result, even for general users, it seems that they have not felt resistance to everyday life, small landscape photographs, self-portrait photographs up. We must recognize that it is an era when individuals carry luxury cameras on a daily basis.

Despite the absence of a large increase in the number of users in 2016, we have steadily imported users, mainly young people who have gotten tired of the iPhone 6s transition layer and existing SNS, and continued to improve usability such as adding a story function It was.

In 2017, besides iPhone 6s, cheap and sophisticated smartphones began to spread, and the amount of information greatly increased by heavy users, mainly corporate accounts and "Instagram".

As agreeing to that, as the general light user group progressed, it was picked up as though it seemed to be somewhat excessive in the mass media, so that "Instant movie" won the buzzword award.


Women in their twenties or younger occupy the largest proportion of users, and men in their 20s and older also tend to follow women in an increasing manner.

If we are not able to obtain the support of young people now, it will be tough in ten or twenty years.


However, in terms of increasing numbers, women over the age of 50 show the largest increase / increase rate among each age and sex.

Not only women but men 's 50s and older also have a large increase, and together with the 40s, you can see that men and women over the middle age are driving the increase in Instagram users.